Top 10 Highest Paying URL Shorteners of 2024 to Make Money Online

Highest Paying URL Shorteners of 2024

In today’s day and age, when the cost of living is increasing at an unprecedented rate, extra earnings are always a welcome addition to our lives. And, when the money arrives from passive sources, it gets all the better. If you are looking to earn some money online, well-paying URL shorteners are an excellent option. If you have a blog with high organic traffic but the accrued income is not satisfactory, it is time that you resort to top-notch link shorteners. In this blog, we will check out some of the most reliable and well-paying URL link shorteners, which can easily be used to generate more revenue and income.


What is a URL shortener?

URL shorteners shorten URLs. It shortens long URL links to route visitors to the destination URL. URL shorteners are growing more popular as people share links for many reasons and desire to do it more efficiently and seamlessly, especially on social media where character constraints are often a problem.

 URL shorteners let bloggers and publishers make more money when consumers click on them. It is a great approach to monetise your website or abilities online. Thus, link shorteners are convenient and profitable. Now that we know what a link or URL shortener is, let’s look at its qualities.

For example, if you share a link to someone else’s blog article with your audience, you won’t be able to track who clicks through and how many people do so because that information will be contained in the other person’s analytics account. However, if you utilize a URL shortener, you’ll also have a unique short URL and be able to track click-through metrics like the number of clicks, origin, and device type. The more comprehensive and potent these analytics, like with other marketing services, the more expensive they are. Basic click tracking is typically provided by free services, though there are frequent time and total click tracking limits. In contrast, premium marketing options gather as much data as they can and even let you serve different URLs to users based on their location or device.

URL shorteners make online links easier to remember and track. Your URL is unaltered. There are many tools to shorten long links. What software is best for this easy task?

This depends on your priorities.

  • How important is tool simplicity?
  • How important is complete data for your ideal URL shortener?
  • Would you rather pay for the right tool or use it for free forever?
  • Are you concerned about tailoring shortened links to your brand or topic?

You may personalize your abbreviated URLs with all of the top URL shorteners. To compare click-through rates, you can utilize various links in several advertising or social media postings, or you can make your URLs more relevant. For a short link generator, many free or basic plans just allow you to modify the last portion of the URL, but more business-focused providers allow you to utilize a custom domain.


Features of Link Shorteners to Look Out For

  • Analytics and click tracking

The link shortener you opt for should be equipped with analytical and trackable abilities. For instance, when you share a link to someone else’s blog, you will not know much about the number of people clicking through, as all the data will be in the other person’s analytics account.

However, a trackable link shortener will help you see how many clicks the link gets, where they are coming from, and the devices people use. Of course, like any other marketing tool, the more detailed and powerful the analytics, the higher the cost. But the money you pay for such advanced link shorteners is worth it.

  • URL customization

Second, good link shorteners are customizable. This means you can make URLs more relatable or utilize different links in ads or social media posts to compare click-through rates.

  • Easy Usability

 Third, a decent link shortener should be straightforward to use. Many free and powerful link shorteners require too much technical expertise. Such difficulties should be avoided.

  • Value for Money

 Three, check pricing tables and what each short URL generator offers at different tiers. Some apps’ free plans are almost better than paid ones. The URL shortener’s cost and finances must be examined.


Can Link Shorteners Make You Money?

Making money using URL shorteners is simple. Shorten and distribute the URL. You post shortened YouTube links on Facebook and Instagram.

When visitors click the shortened link, they are sent to a YouTube channel and must watch a 5- to 10-second ad before watching the video.

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After 10 seconds, users can stick with the ad or click skip to watch YouTube. Shortener marketers will pay you to display their ads on your URLs.

Let’s look at 2023’s top 10 highest-paying link shorteners after a little summary.


The 10 Best Online URL Shorteners for Making Money


1. ShrinkEarn

Among the oldest and most trusted link shorteners, it pays the most for abbreviated URLs. It is premised on the RPM (revenue-per-mille) model and pays USD 20 per 1000 visits. is compatible with desktops and smartphones and accessible from the nooks and crannies of the world. Your selected link can be shortened and shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to earn money.

 Features of

  • High CPM rates
  • USD 20 per 1000 impressions
  • Daily payment
  • 20% referral commission
  • Payment via PayPal, UPI, etc.
  • 24/7 customer service



An affiliate of ShrinkEarn, began in 2018. Since its 2018 start, it has become a URL shortener network monster. is a free platform for advertising campaigns using banner advertisements, pop-unders, etc. Similar to ShrinkEarn, pays USD 20 per 1000 impressions. One of the URL shortener’s best features is its analytical tools, which let you track URL performance.

The finest features:

  • Minimum payout: USD 5
  • Minimum payout: USD 20 per 1000 impressions
  • Referral commission: 20%
  • Daily payment
  • Payment methods: Paypal, UPI, Airtm, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support


4 .Linkvertise

Winter founded Linkvertise in 2020 to monetize links. You can use the platform to shorten, monetize, and share links. Linkvertise is German, although its users are in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Europe.

The best features of Linkvertise are:

  • They usually do not have any annoying popups and offer top pay.
  • You receive payments twice a month via eCheck, wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, etc.
  • You can track the performance of your links with the powerful dashboard.
  • You can customize your shortened link with Linkvertise as per your brand tone and colors.


4 . Ouoio

Ouoio is our third-highest-paying URL shortener. Full-service, business-grade URL shortener with easy-to-use features and great link management tools. Ouoio lets you shorten links and track social links and campaigns with its full dashboard. Additionally, Ouoio generates QR codes for all short links and just includes a link-in-bio feature.

 The best Ouoio features are:

 Features include:

  • an activity dashboard,
  • data import/export,
  • customizable branding,
  • campaign management, and
  • customized domains.


5 . Clicksfly

It is a powerful and potent link shortener with a phenomenal free plan. Clicksfly offers great value at different price points, so all your needs are taken care of irrespective of your budget. Clicksfly’s free plan comes with 2500 clicks cracked per month and over 250 total branded links with a custom domain. The paid and upgraded plans give you more link control, the ability to utilize your own domain name, link targeting, etc. The ease of use of Clicksfly is another highlight. Fast and smooth, its online app has a basic UI.

Main Clicksfly features:

We offer solid free plans.

Easy usability, no hidden features, and excellent openness.


6 . Fclc

Unique URL shortener Fclc has 5 years of history. Fclc reaches over 1 billion users monthly traffic. The platform is recognized for paying daily 500$ for its users on various ad formats and monetizing 10,000 websites. Fclc features:

Suitable for beginners.

Fclc’s link shortener integrates easily into websites, blogs, forums, and social media. Revenue flows easily after integration.


Fclc Link Shortener modifies advertising. Thus, you can create and display a website ad.

  • Tracking and analytics

Lastly, Fclc provides strong shortened link tracking and analysis. Optimize the analytical dashboard as needed.

  • Strong Financial Benefits

Our minimum payout is USD 50, which is the largest among ad networks. It shares 70–90% of revenue with users. Flexible payment choices include Bitcoin, WebMoney, wire transfer, etc.


7 . ShrinkMe

ShrinkMe ranks seventh in URL shortener earnings. This link-shortening service can make you a lot of money. ShrinkMe’s ability to display visitor statistics like location, referrer domain, and on-page reporting is unique. After reaching the maximum payout, you can request and receive cash immediately, depending on the method. lets you customize adverts with your own logo.

Best ShrinkMe features:

The platform offers immediate rewards, a cheap minimum payout of USD 2, customization, user-friendliness, and support for different payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, and PerfectMoney.


8 . Divsly

Divsly is a URL shortener that turns long, ugly connections into streamlined URLs to highlight your business. Highlights include:

  • Account-free shortening

For fast link-shortening, use Divsly. It’s easy and doesn’t require an account. Paste the URL into Divsly’s homepage box, click ‘Shorten’, and done. Your shortened URL is here.

Great business characteristics

Divsly has great business features. It comes with a comprehensive dashboard with which you can get real-time data about your links. From clicks to the top-referring channels, Divsly’s dashboard eliminates all the guesswork from the link marketing process.

Its best features include:

  • An activity dashboard that offers real-time insights on link performance
  • You can seamlessly import or export data.
  • Customisable branding
  • You can organize and optimize your link campaigns.


9 . TinyURL

The penultimate link-shortener on our list with which you can earn good money is TinyURL. It was launched in 2002 and helps shorten links with minimum hassle. TinyURL is an excellent option when you are in a hurry and want to create a quick and easy short link that will never expire. Simply paste your link into TinyURL’s homepage link shortener box and done.

TinyURL can be used without an account, however joining up shows a history of shortened links. Tracking, analytics, branded domains, and link editing are available in its subscription options.

TinyURL has great features like:

Easy to use and simple.

Excellent free plan.

  • No registration needed.

The strategy is trustworthy and cost-effective.



Finally, is a great URL shortener that makes money. This reliable network has 1 million members and is growing fast. is suitable for high-traffic sites, shortening 100 million URLs per month. With a CMP of USD 13 per 1000 impressions, the platform offers huge earning potential. You also receive a 20% lifetime commission for referring network users.

The best of

The user base is vast.

  • Bonus: 20% for referrals • Minimum payout: USD 5 • Payout: USD 13 every 10,000 views
  • Payment methods include PayPal, WebMoney, and Payoneer.

full below.


FAQs Regarding Websites With The Highest Paying Short URLs

FAQ 1: How do short-URL websites work?

Short URL websites shorten long URLs into manageable connections. You will get paid each click on one of these shortened links, based on the number of clicks.

Question 2: How do these platforms pay users?

Payout choices may include PayPal, Payoneer, or other electronic payment methods.

FAQ 3: Are these sites for beginners?

Most of these platforms are easy for beginners to utilize, so they can start making money.

FAQ 4: Can I use many platforms?

You can improve your earnings by using many short URL platforms as long as it doesn’t violate their terms of service.

FAQ 5: Minimum payout threshold?

To withdraw winnings, you must meet each platform’s minimum payment criteria.


Finishing Up

The top 10 online revenue link shorteners are shown above. To sum up, these lists of the top 10 URL shortening services provide an easy and efficient approach to monetize your links. Examine your alternatives, select the platform that most closely matches your requirements, and begin making money from your links right now. With these websites at your disposal, there is an infinite amount of possibilities.